We are group Street Foodies

I started the blog because I am a foodie myself that rely on public transportation. While many food blogs reviewing about the food of restaurants/eateries, there was not much information how we can get there. Hence the idea struck me to go a step further, with my readers in mind I will share travelling directions such as the nearest station to alight, walking directions, which bus to transfer and estimated journey time on the blog. This is how Unplanned Foodie on Foot is born.

I share my love for food and my "food print" with my little Canon 1300D DSLR camera and Redmi Note 7 pro when I started blogging in 2020. I am still new to the world of photography and still learning to take good pictures. Hope I can bring you nicer and prettier pictures soon..

Meet My Foodie Friends

Anshima Singh

Shweta Singh

Madhulika Singh

Ashish Vardhan

Shalini Singh

Mukesh Singh